200mm Basic Cliff Hanger

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The OZIGRIP 200mm Basic Cliff Hanger

Large chunky dimension makes it easier to hold. 

Strategically designed to face either way up, providing a varying level of difficulty. On one side we have the distinctive grippy texture. On the other side we have a smooth surface with a 15 degree angle which can be mounted on a campus board up to 15 degrees before the OZIGRIP shows an incline. 

Mount to a bouldering wall, floating board, carport beam, campus board or another flat surface using industry standard M10 cap head bolts or M10 Coach bolts (not included).


Hand poured in Melbourne using pure polyurethane. NO fillers, NO cheap shortcuts. 

High quality M10 Stainless steel washers embedded in the holds, far superior to cheap galvanised or zinc plated hardware. 


OZIGRIP's unique texture is easy on the hands. Works great with or without chalk.

Unmatched quality. Made in Australia.