Traveller Candles (Pair)

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The OZIGRIP Traveller Candle

The narrow diameter (40mm) and short length (150mm) makes this the perfect candle for travelling with. This candle comes in two textures: grip and slip. 

Sold as a pair.

Take your OZIGRIP and train with it anywhere. The perfect addition to your training set up at home or on the move. 


High-quality M8 Stainless steel bolt with a welded eye for extreme corrosion resistance, far superior to cheap galvanised or zinc plated hardware. 

Hand poured in Melbourne using pure polyurethane. NO fillers, NO cheap shortcuts. 


We move the danger out of the way. A competitively longer eyebolt drastically reduces the risk of injury to hands and fingers.

This makes them far more suitable for use at all skill levels, without the risk of losing a finger. 



OZIGRIP's unique texture is easy on the hands. Works great with or without chalk.

Unmatched quality. Made in Australia.