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The OZIGRIP Soap Bar

Our most tricky hold, its awkward shape makes it incredibly difficult to get a grip. Slippery just like a soap bar. 

Take your OZIGRIP and train with it anywhere. The perfect addition to your training set up at home or on the move. 


High-quality M8 Stainless steel bolt with a welded eye for extreme corrosion resistance, far superior to cheap galvanised or zinc plated hardware. 

Hand poured in Melbourne using pure polyurethane. NO fillers, NO cheap shortcuts. 


We move the danger out of the way. A competitively longer eyebolt drastically reduces the risk of injury to hands and fingers.

This makes them far more suitable for use at all skill levels, without the risk of losing a finger. 

Not Grippy 

No grip texture here. The soap bar is smooth, meaning to hold on you need to rely on pure grip strength. Chalk not recommended. 

Unmatched quality. Made in Australia.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
miles Janes
Soap bar good

Very good and hard. Slippery. Also hard. And slippery.

Daniel Watermann
Made amazingly.

The soap bar i received is absolutely amazing and super slick, so much fun and a great challenging grip!

Cody Thomas
Good Clean Fun

Love the Ozigrip Soap Bars! Awesome challenge to build the grip strength with

Luke Ha
Great workmanship, trusted brand, great product

Materials are great and trusted. I'm not sure if I've gotten weaker through covid but these soap bars were particularly slick, as in smooth and slippery. Not the normal grainy grip I was expecting on like on my previous orders. I suppose they are "soap" bars!?